Labor Day Weekend Shopping Haul

Labor Day Weekend Shopping Haul

1. Structured Cape Blazer // 2. Sam Edelman ‘Yardley’ Lace-Up Sandal // 3. Nike Air Force 1’s // 4. Gucci Sunglasses // 5. Lulu Lemon Leggings // 6. Levi’s // 7. Handbag // 8. Falsies

Labor Day Weekend provided me with a much overdue shopping spree and some relaxation. The other night I was at Hyde in West Hollywood and saw a girl wearing a cape jacket, and I thought to myself, wow she looks bomb af. So I went out and bought myself a cape jacket. I also might have got myself a few other things, but I’m not one to pass up a sale, even when it’s only 5% off lol.

Sam Edelman’s ‘Yardley’ sandal is one of my absolute favorites. I have them in black and needed them in a different color. I also found a very similar looking pair here for almost $90 cheaper. Obviously I couldn’t stop at one pair of shoes, so I also bought a pair of Nike Air Force 1’s. Yes, totally bringing them back.

Unfortunately, I broke my sunglasses over the weekend. Fortunately, my sweet boyfriend was gracious enough to get me a gorgeous pair of Gucci sunglasses. I promise I won’t break this pair. He also bought me a pair of Lulu Lemon leggings. I didn’t believe the lady when she said they would feel like butter on my legs, but when I put them on they felt like butter… on my legs.

Black skinny jeans. Have been on my shopping list for a while. Check.

This adorable handbag with a pink puff ball. It’s smaller than a normal sized handbag, but bigger than a small cross-body, making it the perfect size. I’m a psycho and didn’t like the coral colored puff ball that came on the bag, so quite naturally I purchased a light pink one. And last but not least, falsies. I’ve recently become obsessed with wearing fake eyelashes again. They are a blessing and a curse. They looking amazing when I wear them, but without them I’d say my eyelids resemble a bald rat lolzzzz.

What did you guys buy over the weekend? I’d love to hear your finds in the comments section below.


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