Black Denim Overall Dress

Black Denim Overall Dress

Black Denim Overall Dress Black Denim Overall Dress

Black Denim Overall Dress Black Denim Overall Dress Black Denim Overall DressBlack Denim Overall Dress Black Denim Overall Dress

Two of this season’s top staples are denim overalls and denim overall dresses. I write this as I lay in bed on a Sunday night eating an entire line of Double Stuf Golden Oreos. Did you know that a serving size is 2 Oreos. Great. WHO is going to eat 2 Oreos and say, “okay I’m satisfied”?! No one. Definitely won’t be me. Anyways, back to the overalls. I’ve linked a bunch of black denim overall dresses, but this is the exact one I’m wearing and it’s only $22. The title says “mini” which made me skeptical of ordering it at first because I didn’t want it to be too short. But I ended up ordering it in a small and it fits perfectly. I seriously wore this black denim overall dress multiple times this weekend.  These are the mirrored oval sunglasses that I am wearing (and they only cost $10). They also come in the 2 other colors: gold and brown. My favorite part of this outfit are my boots. I actually ordered them over the summer from Nasty Gal, so the only pairs left of my studded boots are sizes 5 & 6 in the color white. But, here is a similar pair of studded boots with more sizes in stock that I really like as well! ALSO, I finally found a floppy wool hat for fall that actually fits me. Shout out to Forever 21 for having multiple sized hats and not just one size fits all.

How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was great, until now, because my allergies are buggin. Side note, I just went and put the pack of Oreos back in the kitchen cabinet. I like to call that… self-control.

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