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Brenna Anastasia

Welcome to the Life and Style blog, Chanfetti! My name is Brenna Anastasia, and I am the influencer and creative behind it all. I started my blog back in 2015 (the summer between my junior and senior year of college) as a creative outlet to talk about my current favorite fashion trends, lifestyle tips, and places I’ve traveled. I graduated with a degree in Communication and a minor in Graphic Design. Blogging is something I am truly passionate about. I currently live in Southern California with my little puppy, Reece. 

The name Chanfetti, pronounced Shan – Fet – Ee, was inspired by my love of champagne, chandeliers, and confetti. I like to think my life is like a fine glass of sparkling champagne, a really expensive chandelier that is forbidden to be swung from, and a never ending party (because California, knows how to party) hence the confetti.   


Traveling, Cinnamon Rolls, Puppies, Retail Therapy, Glitter, Southern California Sunshine, Positivity, Music    


Rain if I’m caught outside, Slow Drivers, Guac and Avocado, High-Low Dresses, Places that charge for water   


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