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April 2016


    Friday Favorites: My Undergrad Career is Over Edition

    Friday Favorites

    I have a problem… I’m a shopaholic, but the good news is that I’m not in denial about it. Today I officially finished all my exams, turned in my final graphic design project, did a little GTL (that stands for gym, tan, laundry if anyone remembers watching Jersey Shore) and of course went shopping, to celebrate the end of my college undergraduate career.

    I absolutely had to write a Friday Favorites for you guys, because I crossed some items off of my extremely long wish list, including some black sunnies, a ribbed tank top, and ripped black skinny jeans. I’m not sure if there’s a maximum amount of black articles of clothing that one can own, but I’m pretty sure I’m about to max out.… [ VIEW POST ]


    Countdown to Graduation: 30 days

    Graduation Countdown: 30 days

    They say your body and cells change every 7 years. From age 21-28 is when we emotionally and physically enter adulthood. Yikes. I’m definitely a changed woman.

    My university continues to email me about the countdown to graduation, finalizing my grades, and ordering a cap and gown. I want to respond and tell them to leave me alone… every. single. time. But I’m honestly so, so happy to have made it this far, because sometimes I didn’t think I actually would. HA. Four years ago, if you asked me where I would be now, I would’ve told you that four years is forever away.… [ VIEW POST ]


    Let’s Get Some Shoes!!

    Let's Get Some Shoes

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    Shoe Quote

    I am a firm believer in the fact that you can never have too many shoes or too much ice cream. Some of my favorite shoes this season are peep-toe heels and shoes that can be laced up. Blacks, nudes and fun pops of color like fuchsia and light blue, are also soooo in this season! If you are looking for reasonably priced shoes, Steve Madden and Sam Edelman will forever be at the top of my list of favorite shoe designers. I love the fact that it is now more acceptable to wear during the day, and not just for a night out or going to dinner.… [ VIEW POST ]